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Slot, Nyborg DK

The Architectural and Landscape scheme is about the history of Nyborg, not only of the times of the Kingdom but of democracy, when the castle walls were taken down and the courtyard became a public place. It is also about the future- how the newly presented Royal Wing and courtyard can be more than a Museum, but a place from which visitors will want to walk next to the beautiful lakes, discover the Town and decide to come back often.
The castle courtyard re-configured as a plaza for Museum and public events, bounded by a new low wall that retraces the original castle wall on which to sit and enjoy the activities and surroundings.

The existing building discretely restored and made accessible by stairs and a lift in the adjacent new Museum building.

A new building in which the ground floor is transparent, giving views from the courtyard to the lake on the North and views from the cafe in all directions, while the first floor is solid to house secure, environmentally controlled exhibition spaces.

The existing tower raised in a light structure to just above the roofline of the Royal Wing. Visitors enter through a glazed bridge from the Museum to arrive in front of the vault of the existing tower, its brick surface dramatically revealed.

In the floor above is the New Danehof with windows on all sides looking to the town and region. A light and open space in contrast to the darker original Danehof, its civic significance is clear.

On the top floor is a space from which to view out over the town and region.

The Museum and raised tower are in brick in a lighter colour than the Royal Wing, so as to be both harmonious but distinctly modern.